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  • Donations are non-refundable under any circumstance.
  • Some of our services allow you to redeem your gift in-game yourself instantly, while others may require up to 1-3 days to deliver.
  • You are not entitled to induce jealousy nor arrogance upon other players with your V.I.P. You are just like a normal player bound to get kicked or banned for any specified reason.
  • Charging Back will permanently suspend your account unless the money charged back is paid back.
  • Financial costs will not be stated publicly.
  • Our servers have a monthly basis of paying off fees for the host and server related occurrences. If we don't have enough funding, our servers will close down.
  • Details such as your full name, e-mail and transaction id for the donation will be recorded.
  • Make sure what you pay with is paid with your account, ask for parent permission if using their account or you'll be permanently suspended.


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